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Spanish and Portuguese Review publishes original manuscripts from scholars who are currently enrolled with graduate student status at the time of submission. The journal accepts works on culture, film, linguistics, literature, pedagogy, second language acquisition, translation, and other areas related to the study or teaching of Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian languages and cultures. Submissions may include research and theory-based articles. For empirical studies, a range of research methods are encouraged including quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods of research.
For examples, see the most recent issue of SPR.

In addition to traditional research and theory-based articles, SPR encourages authors to consider submitting articles that fit into the following sections:
Response Articles. Response articles are typically short-form and respond directly to an article in print. In this type of essay, the author re-evaluates a previously published conclusion from a new perspective or points out theories and approaches that would enhance readers’ understanding of the original article. We particularly seek response articles that respond to work previously published in the AATSP publications Hispania and SPR.
For example, see Coda (2020) in SPR.
Interviews. Graduate student authors may choose to submit interviews with major scholars in their fields.
For example, see Johnson (2018) in Dimension.
Notes from the Classroom. Graduate students who teach may be interested in submitting reflections on teaching based on their own analyses and/or evidence from their own classrooms. This category may also include short-form analyses with clear implications for the classroom.
For examples, see Quiñones Maldonado (2018) in SPR and Graebner Shepin (2019) in Hispania.
Book or Tool Reviews. Books released within the last three years as well as other media, technologies, and tools can be reviewed for SPR. Graduate students can propose an idea for a review to the editor. Additionally, if authors want to publish a review in their field but do not have a book or tool in mind, SPR editors can work with prospective reviews authors to identify an appropriate work.
For examples, see Amado (2020) in SPR or Hemsath (2021) in SPR.
All submissions should display thorough and comprehensive knowledge of the subject and field in question; be written in Spanish, Portuguese, or English; and strictly adhere to the Author Guidelines. Authors may only submit one article for consideration in each annual volume. Spanish and Portuguese Review is a gold open access journal that is disseminated online. The AATSP supports the MLA Statement on electronic publications.

Volume 10 submissions will be accepted in Spring 2024. The submission system opens in February 2024, and the deadline for submission is Friday, May 31, 2024.

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